1. The Best Ways To Pamper Yourself

    Every so often we all need a break from our hectic lives, to take time to ourselves, and give ourselves a little treat. This could be anything—a personal day away from work, a trip to your favorite store, or even a day at the spa. If you have be slowly getting more and more overwhelmed with your daily activities, it is time to take a day for yourself. Treat yourself to something special and enjo…Read More

  2. The Best Essential Oils For Massage

    Massages are very beneficial for many reasons, but an essential oil massage can offer many benefits of its own. Essential oils are extracted directly from the source, whether that is a flower, bark, leaf, seed, root, fruit, or whatever else. These oils have several different uses, and many of them offer health benefits, from healing to therapeutic. Due to the health benefits offered by essential o…Read More

  3. About The Myofascial Release

    Our bodies are not going to stay limber and pain free forever, and as we slowly age, we often times wake up with pains that we have no recollection of the cause. While pain can be distracting and hard to deal with day after day, there are things that can be done to reduce the pain we feel. Some pain can be taken care of with stretches and exercise, other pain can be dealt with by getting a massage…Read More

  4. Relax At Amazing Hands Day Spa

    With such hectic lives, it is hard to find time for rest and relaxation. We rarely take a break for ourselves and being pampered is not something most of us are used to. Between work, taking care of a family, walking dogs, grocery shopping, and running around finishing all the little tasks that are constantly left undone, we rarely have time to sit down for a few minutes. But every once in awhile,…Read More